Influence of WBAN standard on product design and development

WBAN standard is mostly focused on specifying a communication medium between two devices. It tries not to limit application in which it will be used. That means that it can only be a part of the idea for the product, a part stating that a product will have low-power wireless connectivity to other devices in its vicinity. This part limits a bit the rest of the product idea to devices which have some interesting information to exchange, some functionality to control etc.

With this idea, the product can be planned and its task can be clarified, conceptual and embodiment design done. A great advantage of this kind of technology is that during product design a choice of a given wireless technology is postponed in time, even up to the point of detail design. It comes from the WBAN standard’s property of commonality and modularity. To some extent all transceivers will have a very similar construction/interface. That means that even between this and a different technology it will be interfaced by SPI or UART. A change of wireless technology requires minor changes to the project of the device. Also design practices will stay the same as with previous wireless technologies, thus limiting unnecessary confusion. That means, in connection with previous post, that switching costs will be small not only for end users, but also for production companies.


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