Influence of WBAN standard on product innovation

Standards commonly are considered to have a negative influence on innovation. This is a result of the fact, that after adaptation of standard by market, it is hard to introduce new technologies in a given field, without changing this standard. Of course this situation will take place with this standard as well, but we have to consider other aspect of WBAN. As this technology introduces a totally new aspect of using wireless technology, it can have a very positive influence on innovation. Possibility of joining all personal portable devices into one constantly active network opens new opportunities for innovation. A personal trainer in a person’s cell phone, with information from step meter, gps and heart beat sensor and sending a voice feedback to mp3 player is just an idea from the top of one’s head that is only possible with realization of commonly accepted wireless communication standard. It seems that there are more positive aspects for innovation due to introduction of this standard than negatives. Especially that idea of wireless body area network is based on interoperability, thus it cannot exist without a proper standard.


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